Paper Recycling

Even with our ever increasing reliance on computers, emails and the internet, modern offices still go through a phenomenal amount of paper. But while people are increasingly aware of the importance of recycling paper, making it easy to do is equally important – and that's what we've done. We offer a simple, effective way for you to implement waste paper and cardboard recycling in your workplace.

Simply choose from our range of recycle bins and the number of times you expect to need your waste paper collected and, just like that, you will have done your bit for the environment!

Waste Paper Recycling Bins

We provide a range of recycling bins for plastic recycling, tin can recycling and more. Our paper recycling bins are suitable for recycling white office paper, mixed office paper, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, catalogues, phonebooks and cardboard.

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Paper Recycling

Remove the old waste paper cluttering your office space. Let Site Clear Solutions take care of it for you with a useful waste paper recycling bin.