Computer Recycling

As a result of daily use, computers don't always last as long as you think they will. So for computer recycling, rather than dumping your old and broken computer (tower, monitor, laptop) – simply stow your old computer in the special storage facility we provide, and we can then take it off your hands for recycling at our next scheduled collection.

Approved Electrical Recycling Facility

We recycle all electrical items, including computers, in an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF). Each item that we collect for recycling is charged at a pre-agreed rate under full compliance with regulations and directives.

Furthermore, where sensitive data stored on your computer is concerned, our team are experts in disposing of such data complying with our confidential waste removal service which tackles secure data destruction.

Computer Parts Which We Remove:

  • computer monitors
  • base units / tower
  • scanners
  • printers
  • laptops
  • keyboards
  • mice

With most setups nowadays coming with a variety of new components, it is likely your old setup will have some redundant parts or, perhaps spare mobile phones for recycling. Site Clear Solutions are here to help in all scenarios - 0800 859 5195.

WEEE Disposal (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced in the UK in 2007 with an aim to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced by encouraging people to reuse, recycle and recover.

Office Recycling Office Recycling Old computer in recycle bin

Computer Recycling

Electrical items such as computers can also be recycled. Contact us today on 0800 859 5195 and let Site Clear Solutions professionally deal with your computer disposal.