Battery Recycling

We offer battery recycling boxes in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from the BattClear model which has a 5kg capacity, through to a 600 litre pallet box.

Our battery boxes are suitable for the disposal of AA, AAA and D batteries, mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries, as well as button batteries such as those found in watches.

Compliant Battery Disposal

The battery box option is the most cost effective way to ensure your company complies with the new waste battery directive introduced in February 2010.

Simply put all of your used batteries into the box and, when it's full or your office is due for a service, we will collect and perform the official method of battery disposal in accordance with the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment guidelines. (This covers all electronics, including phone and computer recycling.)

Battery Recycling
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Battery Recycling

Old batteries need to be disposed of in the proper fashion. Why not let Site Clear Solutions help you to recycle them?